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Moving moving moving.

August 15, 2010

I have moved to Blogspot:

Some of you might have noticed that I have not updated in near a month.  Well, that’s because I’ve been preparing our new website.  Blogspot is just more compatible with everthing.  Change your links, change your favorites, and I’ll see you on over there.


Summer, music, friendship, and clothes.

July 18, 2010
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I’m cross-posting this from Candy Hearts’ blog, and since I didn’t have a camera last night (bad idea to bring it to the beach), these are from last week’s show.

Last night was depressing, and by depressing I mean I’m only sad because the rest of my summer cannot possibly live up to that level of fun. I admit that I was off my game because of a major toothache. I thought I had narrowly escaped the wrath of wisdom teeth months ago, but alas, it turns out I’m just like everyone else. Anyway, I spent a couple of minutes shifting in and out of Asbury Lanes, whimpering back-stage like a baby, then I sucked it up and played. The show was sweet, especially watching the other bands.

After the show at around midnight, we snuck onto the beach with Sundials and Hold Tight,  held hands, and ran belly first into the ocean. Man, were we shocked when it was about 10 degrees colder than it had been in the afternoon. For a while, we let the dark waves knock us around, laughing, then the sky opened up and it down poured out of nowhere. We quickly grabbed our clothes and ran for cover. In the rain, we walked barefoot back to the venue, said goodbye, had a crucial group hug, and drove home soaking wet with the air conditioning giving me goose bumps.

Summer, friends playing music, swimming at midnight—these are the things good songs are made of.

Fourth of July themed cupcakes.

July 13, 2010

So much has gone on since my birthday, which is why I’ve been pretty much absent from the blog! I’m in the process of moving both physically, and this blog to a location on blogspot.  It seems like everyone’s blog that I follow is from there, and honestly, I want to try to get followers even if I love WordPress. My new room in my new house is the color of purple that I’ve wanted my room to be painted since I was two years old! It’s so cute, and I can’t wait to take pictures.  I also got an internship with, a really sassy parenting website.  It’s like a real job, even–for recent college graduates, and I get to be really hands on. So far, I love, love, love it.  I’ve also had like 3 recent shows with Candy Hearts, plus practice. It’s been whirlwindy around here.

So, since I’ve been busy, I don’t have an outfit, but here are these red velvet cupcakes I made with my cousin for our Fourth of July party!  I’ll update with recipe later.  I admit that I used almost all of our red food dye in the actual cake, so there wasn’t enough to make the icing red.


Happy birthday to me.

June 30, 2010

Forever 21 lace tank, American Apparel skirt, Dolce Vita shoes

It’s hard to imagine that this time last year I was with Lucky Magazine and skipped out after work into the god-awful clutter of Times Square with a plastic tiara on my frizzy head of long brown hair.  It’s one year later, and I’m less rich, have less friends who I know I can count on, and less things to do, but I’d like to think more people know my name, I’m more driven, and better at what I do. 

Speaking of, I never blogged about this fab review Candy Hearts received from  It’s a really big deal for me, since I looked towards that website for new music when I was younger.  I take every review to heart, which I think makes me not only a better musician, but a better writer because if I review something, I know I better mean what I say.  I’m playing with people’s hearts and they are playing with mine. They loved the album, anyway, and said it was “fast and fuzzy, like a baby ostrich with adult legs.” Sometimes, or most of the time, that’s how I really feel.  I never knew even the feeling of my songs could be so accurate to who I was, but I always believe in being honest with yourself and your audience in anything you are doing.

Also, call me crazy, but I remember what I was wearing sitting in that frigid office in Conde Nast where dreams come true–a cherry Nanette Lepore halter (that I have not worn since then, why?), Max Azria white skinnies, and my trusty blazer I’ve had since childhood (with the shoulder pads torn out!). It’s weird how you remember stuff like that, right? 

 I got these in the mail the other day. If anyone wants one, holler.

Garden party.

June 22, 2010

Bestsey Johnson Dress, J Crew hair clip, Steve Madden shoes  

Saturday, I went to Long Island with my cousins because they had tickets to this outdoor garden party at some mansion near where my grandmother lives. Big deal, I thought–another boring fundraiser thing. I was so wrong! Not only did the mansion’s grounds have gorgeous mazes of rose gardens and fountains, but it was also the same place Cruel Intentions (only one of my favorite movies) was filmed and where many Vogue spreads were shot!  Basically, I took a million pictures in the dying light because I wish I lived there.    



And for all you other Cruel Intentions fans, here’s some serious fashion inspiration: 


Bronx zoo.

June 19, 2010

Forever 21 shorts, hat, and necklace, American Apparel shirt, Doc Martens shoes

I’m so behind on posting, and I admit it’s because I’m not really doing all that much except for sitting in pajamas and applying to my dream jobs over and over again. Here’s a quick post on what I wore to the zoo last week. It’s definitely safari influenced, but mostly because Kris made me change since we were wearing the same shirt when he came to pick me up. All the peacocks had their feathers up, and you rarely see that. It was so pretty. After, we went to Bowery Congee, which I think changed its name to Village Congee or something like that, for Dim Sum. Delicious as always.

Music video and city travelling.

June 9, 2010

Pink bow, Thrifted bustier, Target pink skirt, Doc Martens shoes

I’ve been so busy lately writing, trying to find a job, visiting friends, playing lots of songs, and going to shows.  It’s weird having nothing you have to do, and it will probably drive me crazy in a couple of more days.  I wore this outfit above to shoot a music video with Candy Hearts. It was our first ever music video, and I hope it came out okay.  All I know is the lights were really, really hot, there were so many cameras, and it took me like an hour to do my hair. I never thought I would see myself in HD–actually, I watched tv and worried about what I would look like if my chance ever came. Well, here it is.

Two days before, I went to Williamsburg to check out Lemuria at Death by Audio.  It was one of the best shows I’ve been to ALL YEAR,  and Slingshot Dakota and The Measure [sa] were also playing.  It was a dream line-up, and each band played all the songs that I really wanted to hear. It was great energy all around.  After the show we briefly hung out with the bands because Kris knows everyone, and the boys from Timeshares were there, who really know everyone. I’ve been dying to meet these bands because I really love them, I really want to play with them, and they dominate my iPod. I normally dont geek out about this stuff, but it was SO cool! 

After the show, we ended up at the Charleston (like usual) since Kris has been stockpiling free pizza tickets (shh don’t tell!). I slept on a floor, with no air conditioning, on a very loud street in Bed-Stuy.  when we woke up we went to Kellogg’s Diner, where I got my favorite diner breakfast: waffles and ice cream. Well, that post was just one large run on.