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what did i get myself into?

September 27, 2009

It’s been about three weeks since I started my duties as Editor-in-Chief. I can’t say that it has been easy. Last year, the Editor left our paper in shambles. She cut nearly all ties with our writers, misinformed me about various important tidbits of information (like how we can have interns), and put us severely in debt. She also lost our charter, which allowed us to hire someone to print our paper, and someone to manage our website. Because she lost the charter, and we can’t hire someone until the old charter is amended (and Lord knows how long those constitutional changes take). So for now, I am not just the Editor-in-Chief, but the printer, the web designer, and beyond; however, the point of this blog isn’t to whine about the way the Independent is, but to write about how the Independent will be, and document my struggles to save what once the most widely read news on campus.

 As of week three, we have just gained access to our website, in which I am slowly attempting to redesign, in friendly competition with the Brick, who currently has a full staff (unlike us!). The schools servers do not allow for students to customize the CSS, so I have to wait until the school does it, which could be next week or could be never (they have serious computer issues to deal with first, like why the internet has a tendency to not work in our office, and why our printer jams ever y 3 copies.) Instead of thinking of our website as hideous, I prefer to consider it “vintage” since it looks like it was created in 1993. They are calling things from the 90’s vintage now anyway (how weird is that? I am not vintage yet!) .

The task I have ahead of me is great. I must focus on making the Independent something relevant, funny, and full of colorful points of view. I feel like most of what people loved about the Indy was that people held a strong stance on the things they wrote about. Last year the editor decided to nix nearly all writing that was non-objective or culture themed. Worst of all, if the news was important or ground breaking, we were often times not allowed to print it. So what was the Indy, a hard-news only news paper with news that wasn’t important? No thank you.

Over the course of this year, the Independent could revel in what it once was, or sink into the very bottom of the school’s archives only for some senior in 2050 to pull it out and think, “I wonder what these people were like. Their hair looked funny back then.”

 So with my staff of four: A comic-book nerd, a drag queen, a jock, and myself, I hope that we can expand (and if we don’t at least write a full paper with the use of various penn names so it looks like we have!) all while keeping up with my school work, my job, and my band, because all of these things are my world.

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