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October 8, 2009


I have claimed the em dash as my new favorite form of punctuation. 
Think about it. 

It’s an after thought, of which I have so many.  I can list all of the things I should have said, or was too shy to say, or didn’t think of until it was too late.  Really, on the computer, it is just a series of numbers; &#8212 : — how strange is it to be something completely different on the inside.   I really think most things are like that. I mean,  I don’t really think I am, but I know myself very well so perhaps I am biased. 

There is also something mysterious about the em-dash like how I have not figured out a single way to get it to work on Microsoft Word, unless two dashes automatically string themselves together. 

On a side note: the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me next to learning how to speak and walk , has happened.  Candy Hearts is opening for Nana Grizol!  Nana Grizol— the only band that can be literarily held in the same spectrum as the Weakerthans.  My second favorite band.  I am only playing under the condition that I don’t blurt out that I completely idolize non-rockstars and embarrass my friend, who booked the show.   If only they were actually rockstars so when I drool, and stutter, and cross my arms over my guitar with uncertainty, it would make sense.  I mean really…I might just die.  If it were the Weakerthans I would for sure just die, but with this it has to be at least an 80% survival rate, like getting hit by a car driving at 45 mph. 

it makes me sort of sad that they are playing some of the same nothing venues I get myself into.


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