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October 10, 2009

Today I sent out 101 tweets, and a facebook update every hour.  It was just like—I am willing to admit defeat, perhaps.  Not in the world of news-making, music-making, anything-making, but in understanding Loves Labours Lost.  I am afraid we are just not meant to be; I will pack up your things and put them on your front porch in the morning! Please, do not answer the door when I let you know I am there.

Instead of paper writing, and presentation brainstorming I am living my life on the dangerous side.  That is me. Mariel’s etymology dates back to a old Welsh phrase meaning “living on the wild side, and drinking two cups of coffee. not one. two. with no milk.” Also see “staying up past midnight on a school night”.

Upon further research though, Mariel really does mean “bitter sea” which is perhaps both dangerous and surely bitter; things of which are not far out of my realm of possibility; the latter probably holding most true. 

By dangerous today I really mean uploading photos of my band and photos to stories I have published with proper tags, so with God’s graces, I might actually show up on google search.  I hate being unsearchable.  In an enviroment where I could know anyone with the click of a button, why can’t they know me.  It’s almost like I dont exist.

Tomorrow: Weekly Indy meeting, the rest of that Shakespeare stuff.

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