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Editor’s second guess.

October 12, 2009

There is this poem by John K Samson that really hits my state of mind as of late (minus the part about smoking dope, and yes to the part about watching movies).  I know I could use my own words to say how I feel but I stumbled across this and sometimes someone who is not in your situation has better words. It’s called “Lament”.

Oh when will I get tired of smoking dope
and watching movies I’ve already seen,
inventing one more non-existent trope
in something four hours long by David Lean?

And will I ever really understand
the parts of speech? Or is it “speach?” It’s not.
I went and looked it up. I guess I’d planned
by this point to be wiser, or a lot

more certain of my own uncertainties
(I can’t believe I had to look up “speech”!),
to know at least the number of degrees
I am from somewhere I could try to reach


It is entirely true that I always second guess myself when I write speech; when I write anything. When I write anything where letters make similar sounds, or it’s about someone important, for something important. I am always uncertain if I am really going to reach someone with what I am saying.

no more second guessing.

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