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October 16, 2009

I don’t have time to fully explain the stupidity that was the radioshow, or the fact that I have very quickly learned that people start “public fueds” merely for press (how should I not know this PerezHilton!).

The radio show was a bust. I am confident in saying I sounded like the only sane person there after 53 minutes of being screamed at, villanized, and berated for matters beyond my control (like the general rules of Purchase College and words an editor said three years ago, of whome I’ve never met).

Regardless of this, I am not feeding into the drama but it is very hard now that the editors of The Purchase Post, an alleged campus newspaper, decided to attempt to publicly embarrass me by lying about things I’ve said and making me seem mean and incompetent. I suppose this is pretty common though, I mean, for people that a lot of people know. Hell, if Paris Hilton cried everytime someone did that (she said they photoshopped off her underwear in a picture!) I’m pretty sure she wouldnt leave the house.

This is pretty stupid, but for the purposes of documenting my journey of attempting to turn around a student paper, I figured it was worth a mention.

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