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October 19, 2009

I overheard that the PSGA is trying fire me for two reasons. 1, they didnt like the article I wrote about the Rocky Horror Budget (even though it was factual and many people were interviewed…hello, censorship) and 2, I dont print enough copies on a printer that IS BROKEN. I don’t know if they expect me to pay out of pocket to fix a printer that is broken, but I am not willing to do that. When we got it, it was broken. It takes 6 hours to print 20 issues. I cannot spend 3 days in the office writing, editing, and putting together the paper and THEN staying over night to print for 6 hours. I have school work and other things to do. I do not get paid enough for that. They wouldn’t allow us to hire a print manager until this week because they could not find the current copy of our charter.

Despite our printing troubles, I have put PDFS of every issue online (seems to be good enough for NYLON) and put all of the articles on our website that I spent hours and hours redesigning, just so I can serve the entire campus. Apparently because it says in my charter that we are a Print service, none of that counts as serving the campus.

Well to the PSGA, good luck if you fire me, because whoever you hire will not be able to print either, and the whole staff will follow me.

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