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October 23, 2009

I have not updated in a while because I have not had two seconds to breathe. My days have been wake up, run to class, run to The Indy and try to write or deal with whatever is the crisis of the day, run to work, quickly try to finish 1 of 2 midterm papers, and then spend the rest of the night recording guitars until I am so tired I can barely open my eyes.

Today was not a break from that, but I do have some exciting news. Not only is our printer mostly fixed, but I phone interviewed Theo Hilton of Nana Grizol. His publicist had e-mailed me early this week asking if we could set something up. I was obviously beyond excited because I’ve spent a lot of time wondering, if I had the chance, what I would ask him about his songs. I was even more psyched because I get to open for his band too, which is really weird like combining both of the things I do into one big thing that I love.

It’s also strange talking to someone you admire that much.

Phone interviews are always weird for me because I never know if a pause means someone is done or thinking, and pauses like that (to quote the Weakerthans) feel as long and weird as another year of highschool. I never want to interrupt somoene. Talking to Theo though, was refreshing. He reminded me almost exactly of my friend Kyle, who was in my band a couple years ago, like in the way that he talks and his ideals about friendship and making music, which are also ideals that I share. I think everyone who does anything as creative as that should be excited to make something great with their friends. Sharing something like that is really the most important thing there is. I was always one of those people who viewed friendship as the most important and sacred thing between people (an of course actual blood ties).

Anyway, I am really excited about printing this interview because it is with a well known artist, who I happen to love, and it is just what the Indy needs. Everything is starting to come together.

I will post the interview later, because it went really well, even if I had to record him awkwardly on speakerphone into my webcam.

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