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Tuesday night Thermals concert.

April 25, 2010

H&M jacket, Forever 21 dress, Simply Vera tights, Dr. Martens boots

I started writing this entry on Saturday night, when I was sitting in my bedroom eating Sugar Babies and watching Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2 for the 10th time, but then my cold went into full swing, and I decided to just stop.  As dull as last night was, Tuesday night was so much fun (despite the sickness that won’t die).  I wish I could wander around NYC every day, trying new restaurants and going to shows, but I can’t because today I WILL finish my article and my songs. I stocked up on cold meds and coffee and I am ready. to. go.

Before we hit up Brooklyn Bowl to see the Thermals, we went to Soy & Sake, an awesome vegetarian restaurant in the West Village. First we got an appetizer of crispy chicken and it was heavenly— dare I say better than real chicken nuggets. I got the coconut crusted chicken, which came with yummy pineapple slices, and Kris got the General Tsao’s chicken, which was so good. So much soy, I probably shouldn’t eat soy for a while. After, we stopped by Rocco’s, which Kris swears has the best cannoli he’s ever had. It was pretty good, but that place always feels touristy to me. I like the idea of a dessert restaurant though!

After that, we finally made it to Brooklyn Bowl.  The opening acts were, well… typical Brooklyn, adorned in feather headdresses, animal masks, and wandering micro-Korgs.  The Thermals were excellent, though, and I’m completely enamored by Kathy Foster. Chick bassists rule, and I’m probably the All Girl Summer Fun Band’s biggest fan.  Brooklyn Bowl was cool though, even though bowling there seemed pretty expensive. The crowd was weird a mix of hipsters and thirty-something professionals who looked like they just got out of work. Perhaps they were grabbing a beer after work.

Here’s a little secret for those of you who want to attend sold out shows at Brooklyn Bowl. Sometimes, they just say they are sold out and then let you in at the door. If they are actually sold out, you can say that you are bowling and easily sneak into the show (thought you’ll have to pay for bowling, which is slightly more than a ticket).

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