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Happy birthday to me.

June 30, 2010

Forever 21 lace tank, American Apparel skirt, Dolce Vita shoes

It’s hard to imagine that this time last year I was with Lucky Magazine and skipped out after work into the god-awful clutter of Times Square with a plastic tiara on my frizzy head of long brown hair.  It’s one year later, and I’m less rich, have less friends who I know I can count on, and less things to do, but I’d like to think more people know my name, I’m more driven, and better at what I do. 

Speaking of, I never blogged about this fab review Candy Hearts received from  It’s a really big deal for me, since I looked towards that website for new music when I was younger.  I take every review to heart, which I think makes me not only a better musician, but a better writer because if I review something, I know I better mean what I say.  I’m playing with people’s hearts and they are playing with mine. They loved the album, anyway, and said it was “fast and fuzzy, like a baby ostrich with adult legs.” Sometimes, or most of the time, that’s how I really feel.  I never knew even the feeling of my songs could be so accurate to who I was, but I always believe in being honest with yourself and your audience in anything you are doing.

Also, call me crazy, but I remember what I was wearing sitting in that frigid office in Conde Nast where dreams come true–a cherry Nanette Lepore halter (that I have not worn since then, why?), Max Azria white skinnies, and my trusty blazer I’ve had since childhood (with the shoulder pads torn out!). It’s weird how you remember stuff like that, right? 

 I got these in the mail the other day. If anyone wants one, holler.

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