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Fourth of July themed cupcakes.

July 13, 2010

So much has gone on since my birthday, which is why I’ve been pretty much absent from the blog! I’m in the process of moving both physically, and this blog to a location on blogspot.  It seems like everyone’s blog that I follow is from there, and honestly, I want to try to get followers even if I love WordPress. My new room in my new house is the color of purple that I’ve wanted my room to be painted since I was two years old! It’s so cute, and I can’t wait to take pictures.  I also got an internship with, a really sassy parenting website.  It’s like a real job, even–for recent college graduates, and I get to be really hands on. So far, I love, love, love it.  I’ve also had like 3 recent shows with Candy Hearts, plus practice. It’s been whirlwindy around here.

So, since I’ve been busy, I don’t have an outfit, but here are these red velvet cupcakes I made with my cousin for our Fourth of July party!  I’ll update with recipe later.  I admit that I used almost all of our red food dye in the actual cake, so there wasn’t enough to make the icing red.


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