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Crucial Fun Fest V: punk rock summer camp?

June 4, 2010

Forever 21 hat and scarf, Thrifted sweetheart bustier, J Company highwaisted sailor shorts

This weekend was Crucial Fun Fest in Lexington, Kentucky.  It was the best show EVER–an overheating room packed with kids all singing along and dancing.  People don’t open their mouths or move in New York, even if it’s their favorite band (unless they are me or something).  It was really like punk rock summer camp. Names didn’t matter, people referred to eachother by the name of their band like it was some kind of competitive team (especially when playing games in the park).  Everyone was so nice, and I feel like I’ve made 1o0 new friends. It’s just unfortunate that we missed Friday and Sunday because we’re working men (and ladies). JK I need to find a job still. Anyway,  Friday was the Timeshares/Sundials show, and I love love love those bands.  Other sweet bands that played: Hop Along, Laura Stevenson, Sister Kisser, Andrew Jackson Jihad.  I was starstruck everywhere I went.

To sum up the fun: 90 degrees, running through fountains in our clothes, camping out, sweet music, late night games in the park, van envy, cut off jeans, waffle house, highway miles, less sleep than I’ve gotten since that sleepover in 6th grade, crucial sing-a-longs, xl coffee, and being a million miles from home but meeting kids from the same town. Oh, and I was still the first person to go to bed.

Our set!

Cool Lisa Frank Tattoo at the later show

Lake Beaches.

Friendship, Somewhere USA



Just an outfit.

May 25, 2010

DIY crop top, Urban Outfitters tunic, Steve Madden shoes

Right now I’m putting some finishing touches on my cover letters, packing for a trip to Kentucky, and watching The Craft, which I forgot had the most bad-ass fashion.   Here’s an outfit I wore to Field Mouse’s record release party on Saturday. It was really hot out, but not as hot as today! I also finally bought a straw hat after searching a year for the perfect one.


Happy graduation to me.

May 21, 2010

In the footsteps of Hoda and Kathie Lee, I am make-up-less in this photo, which really means I was tired when I went into the office, not trying to shatter beauty conventions though I’m always in support of that. Friday, I officially became an adult. No, I didn’t get my first period, I graduated! I am more than thrilled about it, especially because I still have my youthful looks (haha). This is the last picture of me in the office (in my Her Campus shirt, representing).  I’ve been so backlogged with posting on here because of all of my writing elsewhere that I never posted the link to my most recent article on Her Campus. I’m also in the process of moving and helping my sister move. Anyway, I really learned a lot writing this article, and I’m so so so happy with how it came out. I know you’ll love it. It’s so Cosmo in my opinion, which figures because I’ve been reading that for years.

Clicky click here to read “Totally TMI: Her Campus’s Guide to Sex Toys”

Now that I’m home, it’s about time I fix my clip section! It’s looking pretty sad.

Edit Again: All I see are potential commas waiting to string my words together. Lord help me, it’s 3am. I can’t do this!

Party shows party!

May 11, 2010

D.I.Y crop top, American Apparel skirt, Vintage oxfords, Forever 21 necklace

I don’t have all that much to say today, but I am super happy about two things.  Firstly, I made this crop top all by myself, and yes it’s wrinkled, but I’m pretty happy with how it looks! Secondly, I forgot to mention the review we got on, and it was a really nice one. Totally flattered.

I wore this outfit to eat some Mexican food and see These Animals–Greg (who plays bass and sings with us if you don’t know), his other band.  They were so awesome! Then, we went to a sweet after party with all my friends. It was so much fun!

You can see a video I took of some of their set here.

Culture shock.

May 3, 2010

I forgot to post about Culture Shock.  Since it happened things have been just so crazy, and I didn’t get any good shots of my outfit, but here’s a rather boring looking picture of us playing. I assure you, it wasn’t boring, no one had a proper flash.  I also met one of my idols: Andrew WK.  We are friends on twitter now.  I am also willing to admit that I was having trouble handling being right up front.  After, my legs were so bruised it looked like I was in a car accident.  I also messed up my arm when I was pushed off stage during an attempt to escape from the crowd. Three letters for my expression below: lol.

Kris looked a lot better in his picture than I did in mine, so I’m going to post his. Our drummer Nick, who picked Andrew up from the city, asked Kris to be his “body guard” since so many people were there. No one hassled him anyway.

and here is the ever-fierce Russel, ready to catch light on his good-side within a moments notice.

This is it?

April 27, 2010

Nasty Gal romper, Esprit Blazer, black wedges, and knock-off Wayfarers

It’s time for the last issue of The Independent, and with this my mission ends, or rather it’s expanded.  I’ve felt like this journal has been transforming, from an editor documenting the day-to-day to a girl whose trying to be a writer. A writer of everything: news, music, blog entries, and even screenplays and short stories. So here it is. I will finally try to “make it.” I’m still struggling with what that means.

Along the way, there have been other struggles. In three weeks, I will officially be unemployed (by all jobs that actually provide money), and I’ll no longer have anything to do with SUNY Purchase, except for the people I’ve met and love. My band is currently two skips away from being drummerless, as my drummer has been thrown into real life really fast. I don’t know who we’ll find to fill-in, but I’m excited to meet anyone in general whose as excited about music as I am.  As a result, I am getting reacquainted with my acoustic. I will be continuing with Her Campus through the summer, but from home. Yes, I’ll be blogging from the comforts of living room.  Is 21 too old to be moving back home? I’m not sure yet, but I do know my Mom and sister (and my brother on a good day) are way better to live with than some of the people this school has stuck me with! Cheers to the years of random roommates being over.

Tuesday night Thermals concert.

April 25, 2010

H&M jacket, Forever 21 dress, Simply Vera tights, Dr. Martens boots

I started writing this entry on Saturday night, when I was sitting in my bedroom eating Sugar Babies and watching Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2 for the 10th time, but then my cold went into full swing, and I decided to just stop.  As dull as last night was, Tuesday night was so much fun (despite the sickness that won’t die).  I wish I could wander around NYC every day, trying new restaurants and going to shows, but I can’t because today I WILL finish my article and my songs. I stocked up on cold meds and coffee and I am ready. to. go.

Before we hit up Brooklyn Bowl to see the Thermals, we went to Soy & Sake, an awesome vegetarian restaurant in the West Village. First we got an appetizer of crispy chicken and it was heavenly— dare I say better than real chicken nuggets. I got the coconut crusted chicken, which came with yummy pineapple slices, and Kris got the General Tsao’s chicken, which was so good. So much soy, I probably shouldn’t eat soy for a while. After, we stopped by Rocco’s, which Kris swears has the best cannoli he’s ever had. It was pretty good, but that place always feels touristy to me. I like the idea of a dessert restaurant though!

After that, we finally made it to Brooklyn Bowl.  The opening acts were, well… typical Brooklyn, adorned in feather headdresses, animal masks, and wandering micro-Korgs.  The Thermals were excellent, though, and I’m completely enamored by Kathy Foster. Chick bassists rule, and I’m probably the All Girl Summer Fun Band’s biggest fan.  Brooklyn Bowl was cool though, even though bowling there seemed pretty expensive. The crowd was weird a mix of hipsters and thirty-something professionals who looked like they just got out of work. Perhaps they were grabbing a beer after work.

Here’s a little secret for those of you who want to attend sold out shows at Brooklyn Bowl. Sometimes, they just say they are sold out and then let you in at the door. If they are actually sold out, you can say that you are bowling and easily sneak into the show (thought you’ll have to pay for bowling, which is slightly more than a ticket).